Roscoe Forthright's




Vol. 1 Issue 1 July 2021



We are here because no other place on the web will put up with us! Our writers have been

axed, deleted and banned-for-life on many public sites, and buried deep by Google censorship algorithms.

Fuck them. Fuck them all. We will think and say and do whatever we damn well please, and share

those activities with other grown-ups whenever we please, and have no patience for the long lists

of banned words and banned ideas rammed down the throats of millions of people. Thank you

search engine algorithms for making life in the U.S.A. virtually censored as life in Communist China.


We are a broadsheet because we enjoy human females. We are a heterosexual broadsheet. So don't

be looking for boy-boy anal intercourse or most other LGBTQs ideas here. Some are welcome. Most

appear to push Nazi agendas. Nazis carrying rainbow flags are still Nazis. They will have their way

with you, and infest every public and government organization because they are of course morally

superior to any and all heterosexuals, and demand to be put in charge.


Read our BROADSHEET, or not. We truly do not care who likes us and who does not like us.