art camp - the director's cut
complete film.  2 hrs. 9 mins.

  short documentary of art camp -
roscoe sucked, jacked and joyful!

38 minutes.

This is the most important film on this website.  Even if you have limited time, watch the whole movie  - 129  cock-stroking minutes,  from beginning to end, without skipping around using your handy fast-forward button.   We recommend females also touch themselves.

Roscoe, Beth Darmstadt, Amber Riverwood, Gina Swan and Sister Rosalee tell a story you have never heard before, something you will never see on any loud, hyped, expensive, propaganda-pushing streaming service.

Here the good sex is FREE.  And the good ideas are free.  (When was the last time you heard a truly worthwhile idea  on HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or any of the others?)

Our commentary is as important as the beautiful, young women having orgasms, having their vaginas licked.  So listen up!

We want tens of thousands of people to get off.  And we also want tens of thousands of people to think about the ideas we offer. Ideas define your life -- not  Netflix, or any Federal agency, or any Corporate leader, or any of the smart people at major colleges and universities.   What you do is caused by what you think,  and what you think is entirely in your own strong and beautiful masturbatory hands!



It should surprise no one. Anyone who has seen our videos, or read our commentaries could guess Butt-Plug usage is raised to an art form in the world of Roscoe Forthright.

He can go on for days about Spiritual Philosophy and One-ness. But in the end. It is the butts that seem to matter most. Whether he is spanking them, or inserting shiny butt-plugs. Roscoe Forthright finds Spiritual Enlightenment between the cheeks of friendly, young human females. His religion is predominantly heterosexual, though his philosophic ideas apply well within homosexual religious norms.

And we must stress the Religious Importance of Spurting Cream. (Homosexual boys will certainly be on-board with this idea.) Gushing his semen is as joyful for Roscoe as for any man, he simply adds an overlay of spirituality onto the happy event. We never see this in the ceremonies of the Catholic Church, the solemn rites of Judaism, nor the ecstatic Hymns of Praise in Islam. The closest modern religious practice to Roscoe's religion are ecstatic Sufi songs and dances, a direct experience of God. That is in truth the way Roscoe looks at it. The ecstatic joy of his best orgasms touching the One-ness, touching God.

In saying this, we mean no insult to Christianity, Judaism, Islam nor any other popular religion, religions which are more subdued in the ceremonies and beliefs. Only a few obscure varieties of Hinduism and Buddhism come close to what we practice each and every day. Our inspiration goes back nearly one thousand years to Japan, to the Tachikawa-ryu School of Tantric Buddhism. But we do not have rituals for fucking human skulls. (Personally, I question the practically of putting my erection in the mouth or eye-sockets of a skull.)

The zesty. joyful orgasms are what matter most in this religious teaching. And when the girls take semen into their mouths, savoring the urgent bursts of cream. When the girls joyfully swallow Roscoe's urgent bursts of cream, and the semen of other happy boys. That is even better! That is an even better Supreme Interaction With Divine Truth and Divine Existence.

I am certain there is more than one Islamic Extremist who would wish to lop off my head for insisting my orgasms allow me to shake hands with Allah. Such people have small imaginations. In fact, I believe most 21st Century religious leaders have small, and even defective imaginations. They might recognize and even celebrate the fact, human sexuality exists, and has always been meaningful to most people. But, the religious leaders stop short, castrate their imaginations, and never consider the possibility - the act of sex itself, the experience of a really good orgasm, is a form of ecstatic prayer, and a viable way to touch God.

More later!  Love ya all!  And I really mean it!! 

- Roscoe Forthright   at ART CAMP on Vancouver Island.